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Diaporthostoma X.L. Fan & C.M. Tian, Persoonia 40: 124 (2018)

Diaporthomycetidae, Diaporthales, Diaporthostomataceae, Diaporthostoma

Index Fungorum number: IF823984; Facesoffungi number: FoF 09182; 1 morphological species; 1 species with sequence data.


Pathogenic on twigs and branches of Machilus leptophylla. Sexual morph: Pseudostromata immersed, slightly erumpent. Ectostromatic disc ovoid to ellipsoid, yellowish to dark grey. Central column beneath the disc more or less conical. Stromatic zones lacking. Perithecia conical, surrounding the ectostromatic disc. Ostiole single, dark grey to black. Paraphyses deliquescent. Asci 8-spored, apical ring. Ascospores 2–3-seriate, hyaline, fusoid, bicellular, multiguttulate. Asexual morph: Undetermined (adapted from Fan et al. 2018, Senanayake et al. 2018).


Type species: Diaporthostoma machili X.L. Fan & C.M. Tian, in Fan, Bezerra, Tian & Crous, Persoonia 40: 125 (2018)


Notes: Diaporthostoma was introduced by Fan et al. (2018) to accommodate Diaporthostoma machili as the type species, which was collected from twigs and branches of Machilus leptophylla in China. Diaporthostoma machili is characterized by scattered, conical perithecia and fusoid, straight to curved ascospores with a median septum (Fan et al. 2018, Senanayake et al. 2018). No asexual morph is known for this species. Diaporthostoma comprises only the type species (Index Fungorum 2020).



Species illustrated in this entry

Diaporthostoma machili X.L. Fan & C.M. Tian




Fan XL, Bezerra JDP, Tian CM, Crous PW. 2018 – Families and genera of diaporthalean fungi associated with canker and dieback of tree hosts. Persoonia 40, 119–134.

Index Fungorum. 2020 – http://www.indexfungorum.org/Names/Names.asp.

Senanayake IC, Jeewon R, Chomnunti P, Wanasinghe DN et al. 2018 – Taxonomic circumscription of Diaporthales based on multigene phylogeny and morphology. Fungal Diversity 93, 241–443.


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