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Neomelanconiella Crous, in Crous et al., Persoonia 41: 267 (2018)

Diaporthomycetidae, Diaporthales, Neomelanconiellaceae, Neomelanconiella

Index Fungorum number: IF828246; 1 morphological species; 1 species with sequence data


Endophytic, forming leaf spots. Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiomata solitary to aggregated, pycnidial, brown with central ostiole. Conidiomatal wall comprising several layers of medium brown cells of textura angularis. Conidiophores lining the inner cavity, septate, hyaline, smooth, subcylindrical with slight apical taper, branched or not. Conidiogenous cells hyaline, smooth, ampulliform, terminal and intercalary, phialidic. Conidia solitary, aseptate, hyaline, smooth, guttulate, subcylindrical to narrowly ellipsoid, apex obtuse, tapering to truncate hilum (adapted from Crous et al. 2018).


Type species: Neomelanconiella combreti Crous, in Crous et al., Persoonia 41: 267 (2018)



Notes: The monotypic genus Neomelanconiella was introduced by Crous et al. (2018) based on N. combreti. The sexual morph is undetermined and the asexual morph is similar to Melanconiella (Crous et al. 2018). However, most of Melanconiella species occur on recently dead twigs and branches of Betulaceae in the north temperate zone (Voglmayr et al. 2012), while Neomelanconiella combreti occurs on leaves of Combretaceae in the Southern Hemisphere. Neomelanconiella differs from Melanconiella in having pycnidial conidiomata without ectostromatic discs and central columns and ellipsoid conidia without two large and numerous small guttules. Phylogenetically, Neomelanconiella combreti clustered with Cryptodiaporthe vepris forming a distinct clade between Melanconiellaceae and Harknessiaceae (Crous et al. 2018).


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