Xenospadicoidales » Barbatosphaeriaceae » Barbatosphaeria

Barbatosphaeria barbirostris

Barbatosphaeria barbirostris (Dufour) Réblová, Mycologia 99(5): 727 (2008) [2007]

               Index Fungorum number: IF 505955

               ≡ Sphaeria barbirostris Dufour, Turp. Icon.: fig. 1 (1820)







            Asexual morphs of Barbatosphaeria barbirostris, ramichloridium-like (a), sporothrix-like (b, c) (redrawn from Réblová 2007) a-c Conidiophores and conidia. Scale bars: a-c = 10 μm.


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