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Thyridium lasiacidis


Thyridium lasiacidis (Samuels & Rogerson) Checa, M.N. Blanco & G. Moreno, Mycotaxon 125: 159 (2013)

          Index Fungorum number: IF805474



       Thyridium lasiacidis (Material examined – FRENCH GUIANA, Saül, vicinity of the town, elev. ca. 200 m, on dead culms of Lasiacis ligulata, 3–16 February 1986, G.J. Samuels 3784A, NSF BSR 8500236, holotype, NY 01293357). a, b Herbarium material. c Appearance of stromata on host substrate. d Stomatal tissue in 5% KOH. e Surface view of peridium. f Transverse section through ascomata. g. Transverse section through the peridium. h Paraphyses in 3% KOH i-m Asci. n-p Ascospores. Scale bars: c = 500 μm, e = 50 μm, f = 100 μm, g = 50 μm, h-m = 20 μm, n-p = 10 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).


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