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Acidothrix Hujslová & M. Kolařík, in Hujslova, Kubatova, Kostovcik, Blanchette, de Beer, Chudicková & Kolařík, Mycol. Progr. 13(3): 824 (2014)

Sordariomycetes order incertae sedis, Amplistromatales, Amplistromataceae, Acidothrix

Index Fungorum number: IF 805194; 1 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2020); 1 species with sequence data.

Associated with soil. Asexual morph: Hyphomycetous. Mycelium aerial, ample, white to salmon, forming floccules and funicules, sporulating abundantly; on acidic medium compact, funicules originating from the centre, white, powdery. Conidiophores acrodontium-like, macronematous or semi-macronematous. Conidia solitary, globose, ellipsoidal to lacrimose, with a hilum. Sexual morph: Undetermined (adapted from Hujslová et al. 2014).   


Type species: Acidothrix acidophila Hujslová & M. Kolařík, in Hujslová, Kubátová, Kostovčík, Blanchette, De Beer, Chudíčková & Kolařík, Mycol. Progr. 13(3): 824 (2014)



Notes: Acidothrix was isolated from acidic soil from the Czech Republic (Hujslová et al. 2014). It is known only in its asexual morph and is morphologically similar to acrodontium-like asexual morphs reported for Amplistroma and Wallrothiella (Hujslová et al. 2014).



Species illustrated in this entry:

Acidothrix acidophila Hujslová & M. Kolařík


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