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Amplistroma erinaceum


Amplistroma erinaceum Checa, M.N. Blanco & G. Moreno, in Checa, Blanco, Moreno, Alvarado & Esquivel, Mycol.                                                   Progr. 13(2): 278 (2013) [2014]

             Index Fungorum number: IF804581







        Amplistroma erinaceum (Material examined – PANAMA, La Chorrera, Llanito Verde, on decaying wood of Anacardium e    xcelsum (Anacardiaceae), E. Esquivel, 5 September 2012, AH 43901, paratype). a, b Herbarium details. c, d Stroma (long ostiolar necks are in black arrows). e Longitudinal section of stroma. f Peridium. g Longitudinal section through the neck. h Asci. i Ascospores. j Paraphyses and asci (h, j redrawn from Checa et al. 2013). Scale bars: c = 1000 µm, d, e = 500 µm, g = 200 µm, f = 50 µm, h, j = 10 µm, i = 5 µm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).


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