Atractosporales » Pseudoproboscisporaceae » Neodiluviicola

Neodiluviicola aquatica

Neodiluviicola aquatica (W. Dong, Huang Zhang & K.D. Hyde) W. Dong & H. Zhang, in Dong, Hyde, Jeewon, Doilom, Yu, Wang, Liu, Hu, Nalumpang & Zhang, Mycosphere 12(1): 66 (2021)

            Index Fungorum number: IF 558081

           ≡ Diluviicola aquatica W. Dong, Huang Zhang & K.D. Hyde, in Zhang, Dong, Hyde, Maharachchikumbura, Hongsanan             & Bhat, Fungal Diversity 85: 93 (2017)





           Neodiluviicola aquatica (MFLU 15-2701). a Ascoma on host substrate. b Paraphyses. c Unitunicate ascus. d Apical ring. e, f Ascospores (e ascospore in cotton blue reagent). Scale bars: b, c = 30 μm, d = 15 μm, e, f = 20 μm (image taken from Dong et al. 2021).


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