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Apiocamarops alba


Apiocamarops alba Samuels & J.D. Rogers, Mycotaxon 28(1): 54 (1987)

               Index Fungorum number: IF 129254





               Apiocamarops alba (Material examined – Brazil, Amazonas, Plateau of Serra Araca, N side of North Mountain, alt. 1250 m., 00° 57' N, 63° 21' W, cloud forest, on decorticated wood, 19–24 February 1984, G.J. Samuels, G.T. Prance and J. Pipoly, NY-00986029, holotype, a, c–e, h, l, m, o; ibid. NY-00986030, paratype, b, f, g, i–k, n, p). a Herbarium material. b Ascostroma on host. c Papilla without furfuraceous cover. d, e Ascomata. f, g Ascomata in cross section (f from dry slide). h Peridium. i Paraphyses. j–l Asci. m–p Ascospores (o arrow indicates terminal pore). Scale bars: b = 2 mm, c, g = 200 μm, d, e = 500 μm, f = 100 μm, h–i = 50 μm, j–l = 20 μm, m–p = 5 μm (image from Huang et al. 2021).


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