Calosphaeriales » Pleurostomataceae » Sulcatistroma

Sulcatistroma nolinae

Sulcatistroma nolinae A.W. Ramaley, Mycotaxon 93: 140 (2005)

             Index Fungorum number: IF 356055






           Sulcatistroma nolinae: b–g (Material examined – USA, New Mexico, Lincoln Co., Valley of Fires, roadside, on leaves of Nolina micrantha, A.W. Ramaley, 9 October 2002, BPI-864276, holotype); a. h, i (redrawn from Ramaley 2005). a Conidiophores with conidia. b Herbarium material. c Immersed ascostroma. d Multi-loculate ascostroma. e Ascoma in cross section. f Peridium. g Filament-like support structures in ascoma. h Asci and ascospores. i Tapering and septate paraphyses. Scale bars: a, h, i = 20 μm, c = 200 μm, d = 100 μm, e–g = 50 μm (image from Huang et al. 2021).



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