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Catabotrys deciduum


Catabotrys deciduum (Berk. & Broome) Seaver & Waterston, Mycologia 38(2): 184 (1946)

           Index Fungorum number: IF626984

           ≡ Hypoxylon deciduum Berk. & Broome, J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 14(no. 74): 120 (1873) [1875]







       Catabotrys deciduum (Material examined – THAILAND, Chumphon, Amphoe Pathio, on rachis of Salacca sp. (Arecaceae), 1 December, 2016, S.N. Zhang SNT33B (MFLU 18-1072); THAILAND, Ranong, Amphoe Mueang Ranong, on decaying petiole of oil palm (Arecaceae), 29 August 2017, S.N. Zhang SNT214, MFLU 18-1073, HKAS 97484; living culture MFLUCC 18-0463). a, b Appearance of stromata on host surface. c, d Vertical section through the stromata with ascomata. e Ostiole with periphyses. f Structure of peridium. g-k Asci. k Asci in Cotton blue reagent. l Paraphyses. m Ascus apex in Melzer’s reagent, with J-, subapical ring. n-p Ascospores. Scale bars: a = 1000 μm, b-d = 500 μm, e = 50 μm, f-l = 20 μm, m = 10 μm, n-p = 5 μm.


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