Chaetosphaeriales » Helminthosphaeriaceae » Tengiomyces

Tengiomyces indicus

Tengiomyces indicus (Varghese & V.G. Rao) Réblová, Mycotaxon 70: 408 (1999)

              Index Fungorum number: IF 450371

              ≡ Chaetosphaerella indica Varghese & V.G. Rao, Biovigyanam 5(1): 2 (1979)






            Tengiomyces indicus: a–c (Material examined – Guiana, Saint Laurent, Piste Balate, 12 km from Saint Laurent, 20 m elev, on dead branch, A. Rossman, C. Feuillet and L. Skog, 19 November 1986, BPI-622098); d–f, h, I (China, An-Hui, LangYa Shan, on dead wood of a deciduous tree, 20 June 1933, S.Q. Deng, BPI-622100); g, j (redrawn from Réblová 1999a). a Herbarium material. b–d Ascomata on host. e Squashed ascoma with dark brown setae. f Ascus. g Ascus with ascospores. h Conidiophore with conidium. i Conidium. j Conidiophores of spadicoides-like from nature. Scale bars: b, d = 500 μm, c = 200 μm, e = 100 μm, f–h, j = 20 μm, i = 10 μm (image from Huang et al. 2021).


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