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Leptosporella arengae


Leptosporella arengae S. Konta & K.D. Hyde, in Konta, Hongsanan, Liu, Eungwanichayapant,

            Jeewon, Hyde, Maharachchikumbura & Boonmee, Mycosphere 8(10): 1959 (2017)

            Index Fungorum number: IF553957






         Leptosporella arengae (Material examined – THAILAND, Phang-Nga Province, on dead rachis of Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr. (Arecaceae), 5 December 2014, Sirinapa Konta PHR07a, MFLU 15-0305, holotype). a Appearance of ascomata on host substrate. b Close up of ascomata. c Yellowish ascospore mass. d Section of ascoma. e Peridium. f Paraphyses. g, h Asci. i, j Ascospores. k J-, reaction of the apical ring. l Germinated ascospores (appressoria-like at red arrow). m-o Appressoria. p Colony on MEA. Scale bars: b = 1,000 μm, c = 500 μm, d = 200 μm, e, g-j, k = 50 μm, f, k = 20 μm, m-o = 5 μm.



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