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Cordana mercadiana


Cordana mercadiana Hern.-Restr., J. Mena, Gené & Guarro, Mycologia 106(4): 728 (2014)

            Index Fungorum number: IF562654

           Cordana pauciseptata Preuss, Linnaea 24: 129 (1851)

            = Porosphaerella cordanophora E. Mu¨ ll. & Samuels, Sydowia 35:151, 1982

            Index Fungorum number: IF167455







             Cordana mercadiana (FMR 11828, a-c), drawings based on illustrations given in Hernández-Restrepo et al. (2014). a, b Arrangement of conidia on conidiophore and denticulate conidiogenous cells giving rise to conidia (based on SEM microphotographs provided in Hernández-Restrepo et al. 2014). c Conidia. Sexual morph Porosphaerella cordanaphora, and its Cordana asexual morph (d-j, redrawn from Müller & Samuels 1982). d Asci with ascospores. e Vertical section of ascoma. f J-, apical ring of asci with a mature ascospore. g Ascospores. h Conidiophore with conidia clustered at apex. i Apical meristem protruding in conidiophore and developing conidia. j Conidia. Scale bars: a = 50 μm, b-j = 10 μm.




Hernández-Restrepo M, Gené J, Mena-Portales J, Cano J et al. 2014 – New species of Cordana and epitypification of the genus. Mycologia 106, 723–734

Müller E, Samuels GJ. 1982 – Anamorphs of pyrenomycetous Ascomycetes II. Porosphaerella gen. nov. and its Cordana anamorph. Sydowia 35, 150–154



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