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Dwiroopa ramya


Dwiroopa ramya Subram. & Muthumary, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci., Pl. Sci. 96(3): 196 (1986)

             Index Fungorum number: IF130120






         Dwiroopa ramya (redrawn from Subramanian & Muthumary 1986). a Vertical section of conidioma. b Conidia. c-f Stages in the development of macroconidia. g Paraphysis-like structures. h Meso-conidia, note, developing and mature conidia. i Phialides with developing phialoconidia. j Phialoconidia. Scale bars: a = 100 μm, b = 20 μm, c, d, f-i = 10 μm, e, j = 5 μm.




Subramanian CV, Muthumary J. 1986 – Dwiroopa, a new genus of the coelomycetes. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Science (Plant Science) 96, 191–197.



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