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Juglanconis juglandina


Juglanconis juglandina (Kunze) Voglmayr & Jaklitsch, in Voglmayr, Castlebury & Jaklitsch, Persoonia 38: 144 (2017)

              Index Fungorum number: IF819584

              ≡ Melanconium juglandinum Kunze, in Schubert & Ficinus, Fl. Dresd., 2. Aufl.: 260 (1823)





         Juglanconis juglandina (Material examined – CHINA, Gansu Province, Qingyang City, Shishe village, on twigs and branches of Juglans regia, 14 July 2013, X.L. Fan, BJFC-S908). a, b Habit of acervuli on branches. c Transverse section through acervulus. d Longitudinal section through acervulus. e, f Conidiophores, conidiogenous cells and conidia. Annellides of conidiogenous cells are marked by black arrow in f. Scale bars: a-d = 0.5 mm, e, f = 20 μm.


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