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Phaeochorella parinarii


Phaeochorella parinarii (Henn.) Theiss. & Syd., Annls mycol. 13(3/4): 405 (1915)

          (≡ Cocconia parinarii Henn., Bot. Jb. 30(2): 257 (1901))

          Index Fungorum number: IF184093







       Phaeochorella parinarii (epitype UB Mycol. Coll. 23270, redrawn from Guterres et al. 2019). a Pseudostromata on leaf of Parinari obtusifolia. b Immersed perithecial ascoma with a periphysate ostiole. c Peridium comprising cells of textura prismatica. d Septate paraphyses. e Ascus containing mature ascospores with typical subhyaline equatorial band. f, g Immature and mature ascospores. Scale bars: a = 2 cm, b = 100 μm, c, d = 20 μm, e-g = 10 μm.


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