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Pseudoplagiostoma eucalypti

Pseudoplagiostoma eucalypti Cheew., M.J. Wingf. & Crous, in Cheewangkoon, Groenewald, Verkley, Hyde, Wingfield, Gryzenhout, Summerell, Denman, Toanun & Crous, Fungal Diversity 44: 98 (2010)

                      Index Fungorum number: IF 516497








                     Pseudoplagiostoma eucalypti (Material examined: VENEZUELA, on living leaves of Eucalyptus urophylla S. T. Blake (Myrt aceae), October 2006, M.J. Wingfield, CBS H-20303, holotype). a Leaf spot b, c Ascomata d Ascomatal wall e Cross section though ascomata f Ostiole g Asci h, i Young asci j Mature ascus k, l Asci strained in Melzer’s reagent, showing non-amyloid subapical ring m, n Ascospores o Conidiomata p Cross section though conidiomata q, r Conidia attached to conidiogenous cells with percurrent proliferation s Conidia t Colony on MEA u, v Conidia and conidiogenous cells w, y Microcyclic conidiation. Scale bars: a = 5 mm, b=1 mm, c, e=50 μm, d=5 μm, f–j=30 μm, k, s–u=20 μm, o=200 μm, p=70 μm, q–s, w– y=15 μm (image from Maharachchikumbura et al. 2016).




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