Diaporthales » Stilbosporaceae » Stilbospora

Stilbospora macrosperma


Stilbospora macrosperma Pers ., Syn. meth. fung. (Göttingen) 1: 96 (1801)

          Index Fungorum number: IF224408





          Stilbospora macrosperma (Material examined – AUSTRIA, Niederösterreich, Rekawinkel, grid square 7862/1, on a trunk of Carpinus betulus L. (Betulaceae), 20 October 2001, W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 1840, D25, WU 24708, epitype). a Herbarium specimen. b Ascomata on substrate. c Cut showing ascomata in stroma. d Vertical section of stroma. e-g Ascospores. h-j Asci. Scale bars: b, c = 200 μm, d = 20 μm, e-g = 5 μm, h-j = 20 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).





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