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Flammocladiella decora


Flammocladiella decora (Wallr.) Lechat & J. Fourn., Ascomycete.org 10(1): 48 (2018)

             Index Fungorum number: IF823794

             ≡ Sphaeria decora Wallr., Fl. crypt. Germ. (Norimbergae) 2: 842 (1833)




          Flammocladiella decora (CLL16020, holotype, redrawn from Lechat & Fournier 2018). a Ascomata on bark. b Vertical section of peridium. c Ascospores. d, e Vertical sections of ascomata. f Ascus. g Germinating spore. h Conidiophores. i Conidia. Scale bars: a = 1000 μm, b =300 μm, c = 10 μm, d = 400 μm, e = 150 μm, f = 400 μm, g-i = 20 μm.




Lechat C, Fournier J. 2018 – Flammocladiella decora a new combination to accommodate the hypocrealean fungus Nectria decora. Ascomycete.org 10, 48–54.


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