Hypocreales » Nectriaceae


Gliocladiopsis S.B. Saksena, Mycologia 46: 662 (1954)

Hypocreomycetidae, Hypocreales, Nectriaceae, Gliocladiopsis

Index Fungorum number: IF8341; 14 species with sequence data.


Saprobic or pathogenic. Sexual morph: Ascomata perithecial, superficial, aggregated, stromatic, obovoid to broadly obpyriform, warted, collapsing laterally upon drying, ostiolate; KOH+, turning red-brown. Ostioles containing tubular periphyses with round ends. Peridium 2-layered; outer layer made up of thick-walled cells of textura globulosa, inner layer comprising compressed cells of textura angularis. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical, sessile, apex flattened, with J- apical ring. Ascospores uniseriate, 1-septate, ellipsoidal, hyaline, turning brown and verruculose with age.  Asexual morph: usually hyphomycetous. Conidiophores branched or unbranched, penicillate, verticillate. Conidiogenous cells branched, polyphialidic; phialides doliiform, cymbiform or cylindrical, aseptate, hyaline, with collarettes. Conidia aseptate to 1-septate, cylindrical, straight to curved, forming yellow mass on conidiophores (adapted from Lombard & Crous 2012).


Type species: Gliocladiopsis sagariensis S.B. Saksena, Mycologia 46: 662 (1954)


Notes: A new isolate MFLUCC 19-0309 in Hyde et al. (2020) grouped with the ex-type of Gliocladiopsis tenuis (IMI 68205) and other G. tenuis isolates (data not shown). The new isolate is also similar to G. tenuis in conidiophore and conidial dimensions (Crous & Wingfield 1993, Crous & Peerally 1996). Based on morphological similarities and phylogenetic analysis Hyde et al. (2020) identified the fungus as Gliocladiopsis tenuis, which is illustrated in this entry.



Species illustrated in this entry

Gliocladiopsis tenuis (Bugnic.) Crous & M.J. Wingf.




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