Hypocreales » Niessliaceae


Circinoniesslia Samuels & M.E. Barr, Can. J. Bot. 75(12): 2166 (1998) [1997]

Hypocreomycetidae, Hypocreales, Niessliaceae, Circinoniesslia

Index Fungorum number: IF 27818; 1 morphological species.


Fungicolous, on ascomata of Bionectria or Nectria species. Sexual morph: Ascomata perithecial, solitary or scattered, superficial, globose, yellow, membranaceous, surrounded by white, circinately coiled appendages, collapsing when dry, ostiolate with an unconspicuous papilla, periphysate. Peridium composed of membranaceous, yellow to hyaline cells of textura globulosa to textura angularis to textura prismatica. Paraphyses absent. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical, pedicellate, apex rounded, evanescent. Ascospores bi-seriate, hyaline, ellipsoidal, straight or slightly curved, 1-septate, striate, guttulate. Asexual morph: Undetermined (copied from Huang et al. 2021).



Type species: Circinoniesslia nectriae Samuels & M.E. Barr, Can. J. Bot. 75(12): 2166 (1998) [1997]



Notes: The monotypic Circinoniesslia was established by C. nectriae and has ascomata surrounded by circinate setae, cylindrical asci and oblong to ellipsoid ascospores with striate appendages (Samuels & Barr 1997). The ascospores are similar to Valetoniella and it was separated from other members of Niessliaceae based on the special circinate setae on the ascomata (Samuels & Barr 1997) (copied from Hyde et al. 2020).



Species illustrated in this entry:

Circinoniesslia nectriae Samuels & M.E. Barr



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