Hypocreales » Niessliaceae » Valetoniellopsis

Valetoniellopsis laxa

Valetoniellopsis laxa Samuels & M.E. Barr, Can. J. Bot. 75(12): 2175 (1998) [1997]

                    Index Fungorum number: IF 443175





                  Valetoniellopsis laxa (Material examined – USA, Louisiana, Iberia Parish, Avery Island, Jungle Garden, on dead leaves of palm, 16 August 1996, G.J. Samuels, M. Blackwell, M. Camara, BPI-748357, holotype: a–j); k (redrawn from Samuels & Barr 1997). a Material. b Ascomata on the host. c Ascoma. d Ascomata cross section. e A locule. f Peridium. g–i Asci. j Ascospores. k Conidiophores and conidia. Scale bars: c–d = 100 μm, e = 50 μm, f, k = 20 μm, g–i = 10 μm, j = 5 μm (image from Huang et al. 2021).



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