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Budhanggurabania P. Wong, Khemmuk & R.G. Shivas, Persoonia 34: 241 (2015)

Diaporthomycetidae, Magnaporthales, Magnaporthaceae, Budhanggurabania

Index Fungorum number: IF811696; 1 morphological species; 1 species with sequence data


Pathogenic and/or saprobic on plant material. Sexual morph: Ascomata perithecial, superficial, dark brown to black, solitary, ostiolate. Neck apical, short. Ostiole periphysate. Asci unitunicate, 8-spored, obovoid to saccate, deliquescing at maturity within the ascomata. Ascospores multi-seriate, ellipsoidal, ends rounded, 3-septate, septa dark brown, slightly constricted at the septa; middle cells comprising 4–6 oblique striations in lateral view, brown; cells at each end subhyaline to pale brown, smooth. Asexual morph: Hyphomycetous. Mycelium hyaline at first, becoming dark grey to black later, hyphae septate, branched. Conidiophores hyaline, branched or solitary. Conidiogenous cells hyaline, straight or slightly curved, base narrow, phialidic. Conidia hyaline, often cylindrical, with rounded apex and acute base, aseptate, smooth, aggregated in slimy heads (adapted from Crous et al. 2015).


Type species: Budhanggurabania cynodonticola P. Wong, Khemmuk & R.G. Shivas, Persoonia 34: 241 (2015)


Notes: Budhanggurabania cynodonticola was introduced from diseased roots and stolons of Cynodon in New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia (Crous et al. 2015, Wong et al. 2015). Sexual morphs of Budhanggurabania are characterized by ellipsoidal ascospores which comprise three dark brown septa, brown central cells, hyaline to pale brown apical cells, with oblique striations in lateral view (Crous et al. 2015). Hyphomycetous asexual morphs are characterized by hyaline conidiophores, phialidic conidiogenous cells, straight to slightly curved, and conidia that are hyaline, cylindrical or slightly curved, aseptate and aggregated in slimy heads (Crous et al. 2015).



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Budhanggurabania cynodonticola P. Wong, Khemmuk & R.G. Shivas



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