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Ophioceras commune


Ophioceras commune Shearer, J.L. Crane & W. Chen, Mycologia 91(1): 146 (1999)

              Index Fungorum number: IF450197






              Ophioceras commune (Material examined – CHINA, Yunnan Province, saprobic on decaying wood submerged in Erhai lake, March 2015, X.Y. Liu, S-578, HKAS 92587; March 2015, H.Y. Su, S-536, HKAS 92569; June 2015, S.M. Tang, S-338, HKAS 92640). a, b Neck. c, d Longitudinal section through ascomata. e Longitudinal section of peridium. f Paraphyses. g-j Asci. k-o Ascospores. Scale bars: c, d = 200 μm, f-j = 50 μm, e, k-o = 30 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).




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