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Huntiella chinaeucensis


Huntiella chinaeucensis (S.F. Chen bis, Jol. Roux, M.J. Wingf. & X.D. Zhou) Z.W. de Beer, T.A. Duong & M.J. Wingf.,

            in de Beer, Duong, Barnes, Wingfield & Wingfield, Stud. Mycol. 79: 212 (2014)

            Index Fungorum number: IF810320

            ≡ Ceratocystis chinaeucensis S.F. Chen bis, Jol. Roux, M.J. Wingf. & X.D. Zhou, in Chen, Wyk, Roux,

            Wingfield,    Xie & Zhou, Fungal Diversity 58: 274 (2012) [2013]




            Huntiella chinaeucensis (Material examined – THAILAND, Chiang Rai Province, Mae Suai District, Mae Lao garden, on stumps of Tectona grandis (Lamiaceae), 24 December 2012, M. Doilom, MFLU 15-3204). a, b Globose to subglobose ascoma bases with elongated ostiolar necks on Tectona grandis (teak) wood. c Cream-coloured ascospore mass at the tip of the ascoma neck on teak wood. d Immature globose ascoma. e Close up of ascoma base with conical spines. f Ascoma neck with longitudinal striations. g, h Mature ascoma with conical spines on the surface of bases. i Hat-shaped ascospores released through ostiolar hyphae. j, k Hat-shaped ascospores. l Flask-shaped conidiogenous cells. m Bacilliform conidia. n Barrel-shaped conidia in chains. o Colony on PDA. Scale bars: a = 200 μm, b = 300 μm, c = 500 μm, d, g = 50 μm, e, f, l = 20 μm, h, i = 100 μm, j, k, m, n = 5 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).



Hyde KD, Norphanphoun C, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Bhat DJ et al. 2020 Refined families of Sordariomycetes. Mycosphere 11, 3051059.


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