Ophiostomatales » Ophiostomataceae » Fragosphaeria

Fragosphaeria purpurea

Fragosphaeria purpurea Shear, Mycologia 15(3): 124 (1923)

           Index Fungorum number: IF 275760





     Fragosphaeria purpurea (Material examined – Sweden, Göteborg, Nature Park of Botanical Garden, on dead deciduous wood, 15 October 1970, U. Eliasson, BPI-566226, authentic material). a Herbarium material label. b Ascoma. c, d Squash mounts of ascoma (d in cotton blue). e–g Asci (g in Melzer’s reagent). h Ascospores. Scale bars: b = 100 μm, c = 50 μm, d = 20 μm, e–h = 5 μm (image from Huang et al. 2021).



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