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Cuspidatispora Shearer & Bartolata, in Miller, Shearer, Bartolata & Huhndorf, Mycoscience 47(4): 220 (2006)

Sordariomycetidae, Sordariales genera incertae sedis, Cuspidatispora

Index Fungorum nuber: IF 29051; 1 morphological species; 1 species with sequence data.


Saprobic on wood substrate in aquatic habitat. Sexual morph: Ascomata erumpent to superficial, ovoid. Ascomatal wall 3-layered, midlle layer made up of scleroplectenchymatous tissue. Paraphyses filiform, septate. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindro-clavate to clavate, pedicellate, comprising an apical ring.  Ascospores broadly fusiform, septate; upper cell brown, ellipsoid, lower cell hyaline, conical; with an apical wall extemsion; extension persistent, apiculate, rigid, brown. Asexual morph: Mycelium immersed, comprising smooth, branched, septate hyphae. Conidiophores macronematous, mononematous, solitary, subhyaline to pale brown, cylindrical, flexuous or straight, septate, unbranched, smooth. Conidiogenous cells integrated, subhyaline, originating terminally, holoblastic, polyblastic. Conidia acrogenous, obpyriform, papillate, brown to dark brown, guttulate, smooth-walled (adapted from Miller et al. 2006, Luo et al. 2019).



Type species: Cuspidatispora xiphiago Shearer & Bartolata, in Miller, Shearer, Bartolata & Huhndorf, Mycoscience 47(4): 220 (2006)


Notes: Cuspidatispora was introduced for the single, type species, Cuspidatispora xiphiago, collected from submerged wood in a creek (Miller et al. 2006). Though molecular data confirmed the placement of the genus in Sordariales, its placement at the familial level is currently unresolved (Miller et al. 2006).



Species illustrated in this entry:

Cuspidatispora xiphiago Shearer & Bartolata



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