Ophiostomatales » Sordariaceae » Nitschkiopsis

Nitschkiopsis stictarum

Nitschkiopsis stictarum Nannf. & R. Sant., Svensk bot. Tidskr. 69(3): 322 (1975)

               Index Fungorum number: IF 318684





            Nitschkiopsis stictarum [Material examined – Kenya, Central, Nanyku. Mt. Kenys, W slope, National Park Road (Naro Moru Track), in the bamboo zone, Alt. 2700–3100 m, on Sticta ambavillaria on bamboo (Arundinaria alpina), 23 January 1970, R. Santesson, UPS-UPS:BOT:L-112114, holotype:  a, c, e, g–i, k–m, o–p, u ; ibid. S-F10356, Isotype: b, d, f, j, n, r–t, w–z; ibid. UPS-UPS:BOT:F-521855: v; Hypericum lanceolatum in a high and relatively dense ericaceous bushland (in the montane forest belt), on Sticta ambavillaria, 7 January 1971, R. Santesson, UPS-UPS:BOT:F-521848: q]. a,b Material. c,d Ascomata on Sticta ambavillaria. e,f Ascomata. g,h Ascoma cross section. i Ostiole with periphyses. j,k Peridium. l Conical seta. m,n Cylindrical setae. o–t Asci. u–z Ascospores. Notes: n, w–z stained in Congo red reagent. Scale bars: c–d = 100 μm, g–h = 50 μm, i, m–n = 20 μm, j–l, o–t = 10 μm, u–z = 5 μm (image from Huang et al. 2021).



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