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Pseudodactylaria brevis


Pseudodactylaria brevis C.G. Lin, McKenzie & K.D. Hyde, in Lin, McKenzie, Bhat, Liu, Hyde & Lumyong,

           Phytotaxa 369(4): 245 (2018)

           Index Fungorum number: IF554780







             Pseudodactylaria brevis (Material examined – THAILAND, Krabi, Wat Thum Sua, on decaying wood, 15 December 2015, S. Tibpromma M 1-5, MFLU 18-1038; HKAS 102202, paratype; living culture MFLUCC 16-0034). a Conidiophores on the host surface. b, c Conidiophores, conidiogenous cells with denticles and conidia. d, e Conidiogenous cells with denticles. f-i Conidia. Scale bars: b, c = 10 μm, d-i = 5 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).



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