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Cancellidium Tubaki, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan 16(4): 357 (1975)

Diaporthomycetidae, Cancellidiales, Cancellidiaceae, Cancellidium

Index Fungorum number: IF 7483; 6 morphological species (Species Fungorum 2022), 5 species with sequence data


Saprobic on woody substrates in freshwaer habitats. Asexual morph: Colonies on natural substrates black, scattered, effuse, glistening. Mycelium usually immersed, made up of branched, hyaline to pale brown, septate, thin-walled, smooth hyphae. Conidiophores semi-macronematous to macronematous, mononematous, cylindrical, yellowish brown to pale brown, septate, thick-walled, smooth, rarely developing from assimilative hyphae. Conidiogenous cells integrated, terminal, monoblastic, yellowish brown to pale brown. Conidia acrogenous, solitary, holoblastic, olivaceous to greyish green, obovate or ellipsoidal, fan-shaped, flattened, dry, shiny, often with truncated head, made up of several parallel, septate columns radiating from conidial base, strings of subhyaline, small moniliform cells encapsulated. Sexual morph: Undetermined (adapted from Hyde et al. 2021).


Type species: Cancellidium applanatum Tubaki, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan 16(4): 358 (1975)


Notes: Cancellidium is characterized by shiny, obovate to obcordate conidia which are composed of parallel rows of cells encapsulating strings of monilioid cells (Tubaki 1975, Yeung et al. 2006). Since the type species C. applanatum was sequenced (Pratibha et al. 2014, Zelski et al. 2014), more species were added to the genus and the placement of Cancellidium was discussed accordingly. Cancellidium was referred to Sordariomycetidae genera incertae sedis (Hyde et al. 2020), later was classified in a newly established family Cancellidiaceae based on a divergence time study (Hyde et al. 2021). The sexual morph of Cancellidium is unknown (copied from Dong et al. 2021).



Species illustrated in this entry:

Cancellidium thailandense W. Dong, H. Zhang & K.D. Hyde




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