Spathulosporales » Spathulosporaceae » Spathulospora

Spathulospora phycophila


Spathulospora phycophila A.R. Caval. & T.W. Johnson

            Index Fungorum number: IF339366





            Spathulospora phycophila (Material examined– AUSTRALIA, Warrnambool, Victoria, on Ballia callitricha C. Agardh (Balliaceae), April 1959, Norris L. R. E, NY 01350180, NY 01350182, NY 01350186, NY 01350185, NY 01350187, NY 01350178, NY 01350183, slides from the holotype); Ibid. BPI 580727, holotype). a Herbarium specimen b Ascomata on host surface c Hairs d, e Section through ascoma f Peridium g Young asci h Young ascospores showing equatorial cytoplasmic bands i Mature ascospores. Scale bars: c–d = 100 μm, e–f = 50 μm, g–h = 25 μm.


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