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Thailandiomyces bisetulosus


Thailandiomyces bisetulosus Pinruan, Sakay., K.D. Hyde & E.B.G. Jones

                  Index Fungorum number: IF511589


            Saprobic on submerged trunk of Licuala longicalycata. Sexual morph: Ascomata 270–330 µm diameter, partially immersed to superficial, globose, black, coriaceous, ostiolate, scattered to gregarious. Necks 800 × 98 µm, central, cylindrical, black, periphyses with short hyaline cells. Peridium up to 40 µm thick, composed of one layer of compressed cells, of textura angularis, black at the outside, brown inwardly. Paraphyses up to 5–6.5 µm wide, deliquescent, irregular in width, rarely septate, tapering towards the apices, embedded in a gelatinous matrix. Asci 60–75 × 5–8 µm (x̅= 65 × 6 µm, n = 20), 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical to clavate, free-floating, apically truncate, with a J- subapical ring. Ascospores 20–24 × 3–4.5 µm (x̅= 22 × 3.5 µm, n = 20), overlapping 2-seriate, hyaline, fusoid, straight or curved, 1-septate, smooth-walled, with 4–5 large guttules (the bipolar spine-like appendages of ascospores from the type could not be observed). Asexual morph: Craspedodidymum licualae Pinruan (illustration in Pinruan et al. 2004).






          Thailandiomyces bisetulosus (Material examined – THAILAND, Narathiwat, Sirindhorn Peat Swamp Forest, on submerged trunk of Licuala longicalycata, 12 May 2001, U. Pinruan, BBH Wah 110, holotype). a Herbarium material. b, c Long necked ascomata. d Vertical section through ascoma. e Peridium. f Periphysate ostiolar region. g Paraphyses. h, i Asci. j, k Ascospores. Scale bars: c = 500 μm, d, h, i = 50 μm, e-g = 20 μm, j, k = 10 μm.



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