Togniniales » Togniniaceae » Phaeoacremonium

Phaeoacremonium krajdenii


Phaeoacremonium krajdenii L. Mostert, Summerb. & Crous, in Mostert, Groenewald, Summerbell,

            Robert, Sutton, Padhye & Crous, J. Clin. Microbiol. 43(4): 1761 (2005)



        Phaeoacremonium krajdenii (CBS 109479) (reproduced from Mostert et al. 2006) (a, f, h), P. aleophilum (CBS 246.91) (b), P. austroafricanum (CBS 112949) (c), P. parasiticum (CBS 860.73) (d, e) P. inflatipes (CBS 391.71) (g). a, b Conidiophores. c Conidia. d Mycelium with mucus and phialides. e-h Phialides. Scale bars: a-h = 10 μm.





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