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Phaeoacremonium inconspicuum


Phaeoacremonium inconspicuum (Rehm) Gramaje, L. Mostert & Crous, in Gramaje, Mostert,

          Groenewald & Crous, Fungal Biology 119(8): 768 (2015)




      Phaeoacremonium inconspicuum (Material examined – PHILIPPINES, Luzon, Laguna Province, Los Baños, on Gigantochloa schrebneriana, 10 September 1913, M.B. Raimundo, S-F6209, holotype). a, b Envelope with original information. c-e Aggregated perithecia on bamboo column. f, h Perithecial necks (arrows). g Vertical section of ascomata. i Peridium. j-l Ascogenous hyphae with asci attached. m Asci containing ascospores. n-q Ascospores. r Paraphyses. Scale Bars: d, e = 200 μm, f = 1 mm, g = 100 μm, h = 150 μm, i, k = 25 μm, j = 50 μm, l, m, r = 15 μm, n-q = 5 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).


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