Vermiculariopsiellales » Lautosporaceae » Lautospora

Lautospora simillima


Lautospora simillima Kohlm., Volkm.-Kohlm. & O.E. Erikss., Bot. Mar. 38(2): 169 (1995)

            Index Fungorum number: IF413304



           Lautospora simillima (Material examined – USA, North Carolina, on senescent culms of Juncus roemerianus, J. Kohlmeyer, J.K. 5532 IMS, microslides from holotype). a Microslides of Lautospora simillima. b Apex of an ascus in methylene blue. c, d Asci. e An ascus in methylene blue. f Paraphyses. g, h Ascospores. i Germinating ascospore on agar. Scale bar: c-e = 200 μm, d-i = 100 μm, b = 50 μm.




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