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Biscogniauxia magna

Biscogniauxia magna Samarak. & K.D. Hyde, in Samarakoon, Hyde, Maharachchikumbura, Stadler, Gareth Jones, Promputtha, Suwannarach, Camporesi, Bulgakov & Liu, Fungal Diversity 112: 39 (2022)

                 Index Fungorum number: IF 558723







            Biscogniauxia magna (Material examined – Thailand, Chiang Rai Province, Mae Suai, on a dead branch, 18 August 2017, M.C. Samarakoon, SAMC011, MFLU 18-0850, holotype; MFLUCC 17-2665, ex-type living culture). a Substrate. b Section through stroma showing ascomata. c, d Stromatal surface. e Paraphyses. f Inner layer of the peridium. g–l Asci. m, n Apical ring blueing in Melzer’s reagent. o–t Ascospores (germ slit shows in white arrow), u Upper view. v Reverse view of the one-week-old colony on PDA. w–aa Conidia, conidiogenous cells, and conidiophores. Scale bars: a = 1 cm, b–d = 1000 μm, g–l = 20 μm, e, f, m–t, w–aa = 10 μm (image taken from Samarakoon et al. 2022).


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