Calosphaeriales » Pleurostomataceae » Pleurostoma

Pleurostoma candollei


Pleurostoma candollei Tul. & C. Tul.

              Index Fungorum number: IF200604




              Pleurostoma candollei (Material examined – FRANCE, Hauts-de-Seine, Chaville, on dead wood of Quercus sp., 8 March 1859, PC 0167640). a Material. b Ascomata on host. c Ascoma cross section. d Peridium. e, f Asci. g, h Ascospores. Scale bars: b = 200 μm, c = 100 μm, d = 20 μm, e-f = 5 μm, g-h = 1 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).




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