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Chaetosphaeria catenulata

Chaetosphaeria catenulata Z.L. Luo, K.D. Hyde & H.Y. Su, in Luo et al., Fungal Diversity: 10.1007/s13225-019-00438-1, [132] (2019)

                          Index Fungorum number: IF 555675







                  Chaetosphaeria catenulata (Material examined – CHINA, Yunnan Province, Nujiang River, saprobic on submerged decaying wood, October 2016, Z.L. Luo, S-891, MFLU 18–1620). a, b Colonies on wood. c, d Conidiophores with conidia. e, f Conidiogenous cells. g–k Conidia. l Germinating conidium. m, n Culture on PDA from above and reverse. Scale bars: c, d = 50 µm, e–g =15 µm, h–l = 10 µm (image from Luo et al. 2019).


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