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Chaetosphaeria jonesii

Chaetosphaeria jonesii R.H. Perera, Maharachch., Camporesi & K.D. Hyde, in Perera, Maharachchikumbura, Bhat, Al-Sadi, Liu, Hyde & Liu, Mycosphere 7(9): 1311 (2016)

                           Index Fungorum number: IF 552574






                      Chaetosphaeria jonesii (Material examined – THAILAND, Chiang Mai Province, on decorticated wood, 5 August 2015, S. Boonmee RHP 121, MFLU 16-1020, holotype). a Herbarium material. b Appearance of ascomata on host substrate. c Section of ascoma. d Setae. e Paraphyses. f-h Asci. i Close up of apical ascus in Melzer’s reagent. j-l Ascospores. Scale bars: b = 200 μm, c = 100 μm, d-h = 50 μm, i-l = 10 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).





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