Chaetosphaeriales » Helminthosphaeriaceae » Helminthosphaeria

Helminthosphaeria pilifera


Helminthosphaeria pilifera Réblová, Sydowia 51(2): 236 (1999)

           Index Fungorum number: IF460075


        Helminthosphaeria pilifera (diplococcium-like, redrawn from Réblová 1999). Conidiophore with conidia of Diplococcium asexual morph. Scale bar = 20 µm.




Réblová M. 1999 – Studies in Chaetosphaeria sensu lato I. The genera Chaetosphaerella and Tengiomyces gen. nov. of the Helminthosphaeriaceae. Mycotaxon 70, 387–420.


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