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Coniella destruens

Coniella destruens (M.E. Barr & Hodges) L.V. Alvarez & Crous, in Alvarez, Groenewald & Crous, Stud. Mycol. 85: 13                (2016)

        Index Fungorum number: IF 817813

        ≡ Gnomoniella destruens M.E. Barr & Hodges, Mycologia 79(5): 782 (1987)






     Coniella destruens (redrawn from van Niekerk et al. 2004). a Ascus and ascospores of Coniella destruens. b                       Conidiophores and conidia of C. destruens. Scale bars: a, b = 10 µm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).



Hyde KD, Norphanphoun C, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Bhat DJ et al. 2020 – Refined families of Sordariomycetes. Mycosphere 11, 305–1059

van Niekerk JM, Groenewald JZE, Verkley GJM, Fourie PH et al. 2004 – Systematic reappraisal of Coniella and Pilidiella, with specific reference to species occurring on Eucalyptus and Vitis in South Africa. Mycological Research 108, 283–303


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