Hypocreales » Bionectriaceae » Clonostachys

Clonostachys rosea


Clonostachys rosea (Link) Schroers, Samuels, Seifert & W. Gams, Mycologia 91(2): 369 (1999)

            Index Fungorum number: IF461067






          Clonostachys rosea (Material examined – THAILAND, Phayao Province, Chiang Kham District, on twigs of a dicotyledonous plant, R.H. Perera, 11 September 2017, Bion 17, MFLU 19-0960, living culture MFLUCC 17-2632). a Herbarium material. b, c Ascomata on host (b dry, c after wet with water). d Section of ascoma. e Section of ostiole. f Section of peridium. g, h Asci. i-n Ascospores. o Germinating ascospore. p, q Colony on PDA. Scale bars: b, c = 200 μm, d = 100 μm, e, f = 50 μm, g, h = 20 μm, i-n = 10 μm, o = 20 μm.



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