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Jobellisia guangdongensis


Jobellisia guangdongensis F. Liu & L. Cai, Mycologia 104(5): 1181(2012)

             Index Fungorum number: IF564385







            Jobellisia guangdongensis (Material examined – CHINA, Yunnan Province, on submerged wood in a stream, 25 August 2019, G.N. Wang DQ09, MFLU 19-2827). a Appearance of black ascoma on host. b Structure of peridium. c, e-i Asci. d Paraphyses. j, k Ascospores. Scale bars: b = 40 μm, c, d, h, i = 30 μm, e = 10 μm, f, g = 20 μm, j, k = 5 μm (image from Hyde et al. 2020).




Hyde KD, Norphanphoun C, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Bhat DJ et al. 2020  Mycosphere 11, 3051059.







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