Magnaporthales » Pyriculariaceae » Pyricularia

Pyricularia oryzae

Pyricularia oryzae Cavara, Fung. Long. Exsicc. 1: no. 49 (1892)

             Index Fungorum number: IF 224486







            Pyricularia oryzae (a-d, g-h), Pyricularia grisea (e, f). a-d Perithecia, asci and ascospores (redrawn from Yaegashi & Udagawa 1978). e, f Conidiophores and conidia (redrawn from Klaubauf et al. 2014). g Pyriform conidia (redrawn from Zhang et al. 2014). h Microconidia produced from phialides (redrawn from Zhang et al. 2014). Scale bars: a, d = 200 µm, b, c = 20 µm, e, f = 10 µm, g, h = 5 µm.



Klaubauf S, Tharreau D, Fournier E, Groenewald JZ et al. 2014 – Resolving the polyphyletic nature of Pyricularia (Pyriculariaceae). Studies in Mycology 79, 85–120.

Yaegashi H, Udagawa S. 1978 – The taxonomical identity of the perfect state of Pyricularia grisea and its allies. Canadian Journal of Botany 56, 180–183.

Zhang H, Wu Z, Wang C, Li Y, Xu JR. 2014 – Germination and infectivity of microconidia in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Nature Communications 5, 4518.



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